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On Sun, Aug 13, 2006 at 07:21:32PM -0700, Philip Stephens wrote:
> Package: installation-reports
> Boot method: <Minimal CD, then network>
> Output of lspci and lspci -n:(not available: stuck in setup)

It is available at "VT2" (virtual termian 2, use ALT-F2 (or
shift-ALT-F2) to get there. ( ALT-F1 ) to get back.

  [ checklist ]

> Comments/Problems:
> <Everything proceeded smoothly until "Configuring xserver-xorg" in the
> graphical startup. Now it's stuck, returning to this question regardless of
> my input, "Video modes to be used by the X server:". The system is 86%
> configured. Any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure how to proceed. I
> would generally just do a hard shutdown, but I'm feeling patient. Also I'm
> afraid that I will lose whatever has been setup to this point, which
> included fetching 672 packages over a DSL line. Thanks.>

Mmm, you may try to 'cancel', 'go back' and UNcheck desktop. (I fear that
you get "there are allready files installed" warnings/errors )

If you restart for the begining, then install also with the desktop
task, it gives you booting system (without non-working X-server),
which means you have to re-install everything while you are install the

Geert Stappers

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