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Bug#382013: installation: ernel 2.6.15 does not work after installing ttf-alee thunderbird-locale-fr bash apt and binutils

reassign 382013 initramfs-tools
tags 382013 + moreinfo

On Tuesday 08 August 2006 12:36, Jean-Michel wrote:
> Yesterday evening, I'have done:
> apt-get install  ttf-alee thunderbird-locale-fr bash apt binutils
> (I had seen they were available with apt-get -s update andapt-get -s
> upgrade).

I doubt your problem has anything to do with the installation of these 

> However, at rebooting the system, this morning, the system doesnot
> boot, with kernel 2.6.15.
> It stops with some panic error, related to a thing about ramfs, at
> early stage of boot.
> However, the system boots correctly with the old 2.6.12 kernel, when
> ADSL internet correction, udev, and X does not work correctly with my
> 2.6.12 instalation.

Please provide the exact messages you see on the console at the time the 
installation fails. These are needed to be able to diagnose the problem 
and help you.

Do you get into a shell when the boot fails?
If you do, what is the output of:
- echo $ROOT
- cat /proc/cmdline

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