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Bug#381881: mkfs.xfs: error loading librt.so

On Monday 07 August 2006 17:31, Ionut Georgescu wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> mkfs.xfs failed with error loading shared library librt.so. Used JFS
> insted of XFS in the end.

Looks like librt.so is part of libc6, but is currently not included in the 
libc6 udeb. We will follow up on that.

> portmap and printfconf took ages to install. The console (tty4) showed
> "Obsolete command TITLE ..." messages for both of them.

That message is harmless, but I've seen the same problem for portmap and 
already filed #381085.

> Overall Installation went very nice. Some local peculiarities ask for
> manual configuration of the network, despite of the existing DHCP
> server on the network. Had to pull the network cable and restart the
> installer to make DHCP fail and thus be able to choose the manual
> configuration.

Strange. DHCP detection has a timeout and can be cancelled. No idea why 
that should not work in your situation. DHCP sometimes not working 
because of local issues comes up sometimes, but is not something we can 
do much about.

> Why did I get libc6-amd64 installed on a 32bit system?

Yes, that annoys me too. Has to do with the priority of the package, not 
something we can really influence. Will hopefully be corrected before the 

Thanks for your report.

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