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Installing elilo on MacMiniIntel fails


I recently bought a MacMiniIntel and wanted to install Debian on in (like on 
all my other PowerPC-machines).

I didn't follow the receipt in http://wiki.debian.org/MacMiniIntel as I have 
no other x86 machine at home.

After upgrading the firmware to 1.0.1 and installing EFI boot loader (Version 
0.7). Refit would recognise the daily debian-testing-i386-netinst.iso (as of 
August 6). Starting the installation worked like usual (Language/Keyboard 
selection, partitioning). I choose to install only the base system (no debian 

After electing elilo (GRUB/LILO were presented as alternatives) installing 
elilo stalled at 50%. I had accepted to install into the only presented 
partition (/dev/sda1, about 200 MB FAT32 partition, partman reported 3.1 kB 
free memory before.). This first partition was created my the Apple 
DiskUtility. /dev/sda6 where I installed the base system was formatted as an 
ext3 24 GB FS using the Debian installer.

Switching to the Log (Alt-F3) showed the following messages:
> Setting up elilo (3.6.2)
> Couldn't load efivars module - is it statically linked?

Any hints would be appreciated. If the MacTel needs a tester, I might be 
willing to help out (let's say do at least one installation of a base system 
from CD once a week till etch is out or till the end of year whatever comes 
first), but I do not have the time to dwelve very deep.

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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