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Bug#381258: FWD: Re: Bug#381258: Acknowledgement (install report etchbeta)

----- Forwarded message from Brian Morris <cymraegish@gmail.com> -----

From: Brian Morris <cymraegish@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 21:15:28 -0700
To: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
Subject: Re: Bug#381258: Acknowledgement (install report etchbeta)

On 8/4/06, Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
>Brian Morris wrote:
>> hi, i wish to add another block of comment.
>> concerning laptop task and power management utilities.
>> the installer identified my machine correctly as a laptop
>> and i allowed it to install this task.
>> it installed two utilities i have never seen on my mac
>> laptops and it left out the two i am used to see.
>> the two unfamiliar, unexpected were hibernate and apm-emulate.
>There is no package called apm-emulate in the archive.

what is is actually, is a kernel extension in powerpc modules called 
what i saw as a running process i can only assume was a fork from apmd.
i am no system analyst...

>Many people like to put their laptops to sleep, so hibernate is a fairly
>useful choice.
of course, pmud uses snooze.

>> the two missing were pmud and pbbuttonsd (there are more besides
>> too i think that support these).
>We need to get hw-detect 1.40 into testing; then pbbuttonsd will be
>installed again.
>I'd be happy to add pmud if it's safe to install on all powerpc laptop

i don't know about that, is there a question it might be unsafe ? it
was AFAIK standard
in sarge, for this particular mac laptop at least, it has worked fine.
but i never got
the older version to work on sarge on my (even) older mac laptop, even
tho others
had told they used it there with woody.

i was indeed concerned that the apm-emu/hibernate might be a new port
or for newer
macs and it might be unsafe. however if it is safe and functions on
that older laptop
where pmud did not then i would be happy to use it.
>> another reason why i would have to not trust this installer.
>I'm going to assume this is hyperbole and ignore it. You installed using
>a daily developmental build of an installer; if you're not prepared for
>problems you're not using the correct version of the software.
if this is a prerelease, according to my understanding. it should be
fairly close to
that, or not ?? I guess i am needing to accept a little more the fact
that the powerpc
is a port and thus lags the schedule of the intel-pc and also it is not 
easy for
developers dealing with the many varieties even withing apples.

as far as i understood this one week only was testing period. the
older etch images
for this installation method were supposed to be unuseable.

i hope i am not too critical, but i hope also you are getting there a
more complete picture
of the status, of the etch installer for powerpc. i know it has to
work on a lot of
different machines including newer laptops and servers and other firmwares.
maybe if i did not complain nobody would know. it would really help a lot 
if the
installer developers would pass along a few real release notes ...

one major reason my choice of debian because they support so wide 
if i check for instance yellow dog which is linux-ppc they are rock
stable yet it would
seem waiting to copy what etch releases as far as they are not up-to-date. 
thing has its cost, though.

another reason is the net-install method that worked wonderfully for
me in sarge. I
would really like to see it working as well in etch...


>see shy jo

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see shy jo

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