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Bug#358001: partman: please create ext3 file systems with online resize support

I've tested this patch, and it proved to be incomplete.  ext2prepare
need an argument extra, with the new maximum size for the partition.
Not sure how to properly calculate that value, so I just picked a
fairly large number 100 GiB as the value.  With this patch,
ext2prepare seem to run successfully.

When creating two ext3 file systems on 5.3 GiB and 300 MiB, I see this
message in the log (only one message, not sure for which fs):

  inconsistent group descriptors!

I assume it originates from ext2prepare, and I am not quite sure what
it mean.  The same message originates from these two functions in

  blk_t ext2_find_free_block(struct ext2_fs *fs)
  ino_t ext2_find_free_inode(struct ext2_fs *fs)

Perhaps the small file system can't be prepared for 100 GiB size?

Index: commit.d/format_ext3
--- commit.d/format_ext3        (revisjon 39609)
+++ commit.d/format_ext3        (arbeidskopi)
@@ -57,6 +57,10 @@
                    if [ "$status" = OK ]; then
                        log-output -t partman --pass-stdout /sbin/tune2fs -j $device >/dev/null || status=failed
+                       if [ -x /sbin/ext2prepare ]; then
+                           maxsize=100g # Should be calculated dynamically
+                           log-output -t partman-ext2prepare --pass-stdout /sbin/ext2prepare $device $maxsize >/dev/null || status=failed
+                       fi

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