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Bug#379789: wrong keymap on Intel MacBook Pro

reassign 379789 kbd-chooser
retitle 379789 wrong keymap on Intel MacBook Pro

On Tuesday 25 July 2006 18:05, Rüdiger Braun wrote:
> I had chosen the german keyboard
> (1)  During installation, on the screen "Benutzer und Passwörter" I
> tried to enter an umlaut (namely Rüdiger).  The Umlaut showed as
> something else (I think it was <FC>), and could not be removed.
> Neither <Backspace> nor the left arrow key were working.  I had to go
> back one screen and reopen the screen, this time entering my name
> without umlauts.  Then <backspace> was working again.

This is a known issue. Unfortunately we don't have a solution for it yet.

> (2) The system is running, but those characters that are entered
> using <alt> cannot be reached.  On a Mac, this includes <|>, <[>, <]
>  >, <{>, <}>, and <@>.  Umlauts are working.

You should be able to enter these characters using some kind of function 
key combination. If Intel based MacBooks use Macintosh keyboard layouts 
this problem is expected as we currently don't support USB-MAC keymaps 
for i386.

You can select a USB-MAC keymap after the installation using
   dpkg-reconfigure console-data

Reassigning this report to kbd-chooser so this can be fixed in the future.

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