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Bug#378959: debian-installer: needs option to bypass network config dialog

On Mon, Jul 24, 2006 at 11:35:08AM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> zero79 wrote:
> > d-i assumes that the user always wants to bring up a network connection
> > during installation.  sometimes this is not desirable; for example 
> > when using the rescue mode or when doing a cd or dvd install.
> > 
> > so the problem is that the d-i network config dialog forces the user to 
> > select at least one of the network adapters to continue (cancel just 
> > brings up the same dialog).  to bypass network config, i have to select 
> > one of the network interfaces, then wait for it to not configure.  then 
> > i can opt to skip network config.   i suggest that there be a button
> > that allows the user to skip the network config from the network 
> > interface selection dialog.
> Avoiding network configuration is something only an expert should need
> or want to do.

I disagree. It makes setting up computers for which there is no network
connection or for which d-i cannot handle the network setup, needlessly

I can name a few people who have a (as in, one) computer, but no
Internet connection; there is also the case of some DSL authentication
and/or network protocols that d-i cannot currently handle. Not only
experts will hit this type of thing, and a CD-based install should Just
Work there, without trying to reach the network if that is not required.

Fun will now commence
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