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Bug#378959: debian-installer: needs option to bypass network config dialog

zero79 wrote:
> d-i assumes that the user always wants to bring up a network connection
> during installation.  sometimes this is not desirable; for example 
> when using the rescue mode or when doing a cd or dvd install.
> so the problem is that the d-i network config dialog forces the user to 
> select at least one of the network adapters to continue (cancel just 
> brings up the same dialog).  to bypass network config, i have to select 
> one of the network interfaces, then wait for it to not configure.  then 
> i can opt to skip network config.   i suggest that there be a button
> that allows the user to skip the network config from the network 
> interface selection dialog.

Avoiding network configuration is something only an expert should need
or want to do. If you boot the installer in expert mode, you can simply
skip over the network configuration step in the menu; unless you choose
some other later menu item that requires a configured network you can
complete the install without performing the network configuration step.

see shy jo

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