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Re: D-I Beta 3 - release planning (what about powerpc?)

On Monday 24 July 2006 12:35, Eddy Petrişor wrote:
> Apropos to G-I, I saw [1] that the powerpc port has it part of the
> builds "Partially done". What does this mean?

For the powerpc port we currently build the gtk-miniiso as part of the 
daily builds. I have discussed this with Colin and because of the issues 
with g-i on powerpc we have decided not to add g-i support on other CD 
- powerpc CD images are already very full because of the number of
  subarches (and thus initrd and kernel images)
- it is still unclear which systems and fb devices are really supported
  and which are not; g-i does not yet deal with that very cleanly
- reports about g-i crashes on powerpc (mainly from yourself)

So, consider g-i for powerpc experimental and for those who want to play 
with it or contribute we have the gtk-miniiso.

> And another question, is there _really_ a D-I powerpc porter present?
> AFAIK Colin has retreated prom this position and Geert is still trying
> to accomodate with D-I workflow. Sven hasn't contributed for some time
> now, Wouter is doing only occasional work, so that kind of leaves the
> port with no powerpc porter. Is this the real situation or are my
> impressions wrong?

No, Colin has not retreated from this position. We also have Daniel 
Dickinson helping out for oldworld.
I agree that we still need extra help for powerpc (and I've never said 
differently). However, I am very happy that Holger and Wouter have 
offered their help.

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