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Re: D-I Beta 3 - release planning (what about powerpc?)

On 24/07/06, Attilio Fiandrotti <fiandro@tiscali.it> wrote:
Frans Pop wrote:


> The release preparation page on the wiki [1] is mostly up-to-date with
> regards to issues and TODO items before the release.


After a week or so of silence on the g-i, a quick note about the status
of gtkdfb libraries : the most important point is that recently mike
emmel and claudio ciccani finished implementing the missing parts of
code for cairo-dfb and gtk-dfb and fixed some irritating issues (i.e. ,
the blue lines issue is gone).
I spent a lot of time during last week in debugging it: some bugs were
detected and fixed, some are still in the todo list and it would be very
useful if someone could spend some time in debugging gtkdfb libraries :)

Apropos to G-I, I saw [1] that the powerpc port has it part of the
builds "Partially done". What does this mean?

And another question, is there _really_ a D-I powerpc porter present?
AFAIK Colin has retreated prom this position and Geert is still trying
to accomodate with D-I workflow. Sven hasn't contributed for some time
now, Wouter is doing only occasional work, so that kind of leaves the
port with no powerpc porter. Is this the real situation or are my
impressions wrong?

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