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Bug#379502: localechooser fails in lowmem install

tags 379502 patch

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> severity 379502 serious
> thanks
> As lowmem is a valid mode for the installer and even essential on some 
> arches, I'm raising this to RC. Probably nothing really breaks, but it 
> should be trivial to add appropriate tests.

More complete checking gives the right explanation:

In lowmem mode, the locale is set to C on the installed system.

In localechooser post-base-installer, the "locales" package is *not*
installed if LOCALE=C.

So, validlocale and locale-gen are not present on the installed

As their only point is to generate the locales, it seems that my
proposed fix is very probably correct.

I'm currently testing it in details.


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