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Bug#379197: debian-installer: etch d-i mistakenly installed pbuttonsd even though i do not have a mac laptop

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> I did a look on tasksel and it really ask pbbuttonsd to be
> installed. Previously, pbbuttonsd wasn't build to i386 and then this
> wasn't a problem. Now it's.

Yes, it was originally added because it was only available on powerpc.

> My proposed way to solve it is:
>  - create a new task called pbbuttonsd-selection;
>  - create a new test to return false if /dev/pmu doesn't exist;
>  - remove the package from laptop task;

Hmm, this is getting a bit away from how tasksel is really meant to be
used. It would be better to add the test to hw-detect and apt-install
the package on machines that have hardware that support it.

(Assuming that /dev/pmu is created by udev inside d-i, which I can't

see shy jo

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