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Bug#379197: debian-installer: etch d-i mistakenly installed pbuttonsd even though i do not have a mac laptop

reassign 379197 tasksel

On Saturday 22 July 2006 01:32, zero79 wrote:
> the etch beta d-i installed pbbuttonsd, which is a program for mac
> laptops. i have a dell laptop, so i believe that this is an installer
> mistake

I suspect this is an issue in tasksel's laptop task.

> this isn't really problematic per se, but i do get an error 
> message, "ERROR: The object '/dev/pmu' does not exist'" on each boot,
> which is a minor, but benign nuissance.

Well, you could just purge the package; that should get rid of the error:
   aptitude purge pbbuttonsd

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