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Re: dmraid support to d-i (Was Re: Yaird, grub and d-i should also support dmraid devices.)

Hi folks,

I have one of these systems (the Silicon Image 'medley' variant). I
installed Sarge manually back in Jan 05 - before dmraid made it into Debian
- using 2.4.27's medley.o (dbugs 286939, 291928, 292221, 292968).

Now I'm reinstalling and I see I've missed this activity by many months. I
am not a programmer and have never built my own installer, but I guess it's
time to learn and help get this sorted out. Please accept my apologies in
advance for lots of stupid questions as I learn to do it.

>Alle 15:53, domenica 6 novembre 2005, Frans Pop ha scritto:
>> On Sunday 06 November 2005 15:26, Marco Amadori wrote:
>> > Alle 14:37, domenica 6 novembre 2005, Frans Pop ha scritto:
>> > > Actually, I'm not sure where this should go. You can also make a case
>> > > that it should go into hw-detect's disk-detect.
>> >
>> > I would go on with this idea too.
>> Hmm. Then why does your proposal below implement it in partman?
>Because I though hw-detect was in partman init, no idea.

FWIW I agree that it ought to go in hw-detect. I have no idea how to do this
myself, but I intend to find out ...

>> How do you "hide" the physical devices? Or is that done automatically?
>It is not done automatically, we could ask partman to not show em?

Partman should show both the dmraid device(s) *and* the physical devices.
This is because some users may wish to trash their existing dmraid device
and install debian onto the physical devices (eg. to use md devices). We
could get partman to add an explicit warning in this latter case, to avoid a
user doing this by accident.

> Other d-i components that probably will need to be adapted are
> grub-installer and lilo-installer, but that can come after the changes in
> either disk-detect and/or partman.

... and mkinitrd/yaird/initramfs-tools or whatever the correct package is.
The biggest problem I had last time around was that after manually loading
all the modules and installing the system on the medley device, the initrd
image was created without the medley driver and the system wouldn't boot! 


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