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Bug#379067: couple of minor glitches in install of powerpc

On Sunday 23 July 2006 08:53, Rick Thomas wrote:
> So there seems to be a difference between "tasksel" and "aptitude" in
> their behavior on a missing CDrom.   In an earlier part of this
> report I said that "aptitude" had hung.  I believe now that it was
> actually "tasksel" that hung.  Sorry for any confusion this may have
> caused.

OK. Nice tracing.

Could you file a separate bug report against tasksel for this issue?
It seems to me that this report has gotten a bit too long for reassigning 
it to be a real option. Better to file a new bug report with a clear 
problem description.


(P.S. Please check existing bug reports on tasksel first; it may be a 
known issue.)

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