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Bug#377752: Fwd: Re: Bug#377752: installation report

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Subject: Re: Bug#377752: installation report
Date: Sunday 23 July 2006 08:38
From: Brian Morris <cymraegish@gmail.com>
To: Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl>

Thank you for your reply.

I will review your comments closely ASAP.

I hope it becomes clear that the daily netiso was broken
on July 18th, at least for my model of machine.

there was a bug in the Xorg install where it was looping.
most literally, i would exit the menu and it would return
to the same menu. i had to go into shell to kill it. then
of course i had no x driver configured. however installer
acknowledged that later, then later went ahead and set up gdm
(aka xdm) - which is obviously a failure. i could not log
in because there was only a scrambled screen which
perhaps was rather tough on my display besides !
i think a better expert than i could boot into a lower
run level, but i could not deal with it at that point.

then with the third try, that lspci command
missing, which i did not notice until i was making up
the install report, looked like a serious problem.
(never mind i could not get the xorg going

in general there, i was perhaps preferring the old
installer at the time, i just wanted to get my system
back. the changes were something of a surprise for me.
i did not really want the entire desktop environment
any but i was concerned that i would be missing something
with the simple install.

it was interesting in the new installer to see the laptop
task group there, although i am not sure the packages
that were automatically installed there were actually
the appropriate ones for my machine.

please note that in my first report my criticisms were
actually directed at the sarge installer. i am glad you
are developing the installer more, but my concerns
now is a bad situation getting worse, as far as
a person of middling experience like myself getting
sufficient verbosity and choices/options in the expert
mode,  during these package selection and installation

i noticed also yesterday there is a new/ revised installation
guide. i am going to look at that when i have a chance.
if i can get my backup situation straight, i would be
willing to try the etch installer again in a few months.
(would also try it on an old world machine)

meanwhile i am pretty happy that the "3 stage" method
worked and i have a system again that i can practice
working with. and actually a fairly clean start with this
system ...

thanks again for your attention, and apologies for confusing.
poor typing continues, i won't try to explain, but i will
try and develop better habits.


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