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Re: Question for d-i project managers re: powerpc


fresh from IRC:

<h01ger> fjp, regarding the ppc-manual: the point is actually not (to 
document) miboot - using miboot is dead simply: boot from floppy and be happy 
(or not cause the floppy is broken). the question is also/more about 
documenting bootX, the non-free macos<=9 bootloader for booting from 
harddisc. technically inferiour and nonfree. and only needed on few models 
and/or if you also want to use macos<=9. 
* h01ger would (rather) like to have OF set (correctly..) for booting with 
quik - or to have _this_ better documented. its just putting the bits (which 
are all there) together
<fjp> h01ger: Suggest you discuss that with Daniel (preferably on-list)
<h01ger> yup


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