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Re: Question for d-i project managers re: powerpc

(IIRC you asked to be CCed for specific replies)

On Friday 14 July 2006 03:30, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> I seem to recall reading that we couldn't point to the miBoot floppies
> in the d-i manual because miboot is non-free and can't even be included
> in non-free.  Is this correct, or can I update the manual to point to
> what is, at present, the only working means of booting the installer
> for old world macs.

Licence issues and what you are and are not allowed to do is not really a 
topic I'm very familiar with (nor very interested in to be honest).
Also, as I do not know what the conditions of the miBoot licence actually 
are, it is hard for me to give a final verdict on this.

What certainly is acceptable is to _explain_ the issue is the manual and 
to mention the existence of the miBoot boot method. However, if Debian 
really cannot distribute miBoot floppies then it probably would be wrong 
to link directly to images.

A possible solution would be if someone would be willing, and at personal 
risk of licence action, to set up a webpage [1] documenting miBoot with 
Debian. I think we could include a link to such an independent website.
It very much depends on how likely licence action is if someone can be 
found who is willing to do this. Again, as I don't know the licence 
situation around miBoot, I cannot judge this.

If you want a more authoritative answer to the question what we can and 
cannot do in the manual, the best thing is probably to contact the 
debian-legal mailing list. You will probably have to ask fairly specific 
questions and do some research so you can include links to relevant 
licences and earlier discussions to get useful answers.


[1] Maybe that webpage could even be in the wiki as the wiki is community 
maintained; however that could be crossing the line as the wiki is also 
an official Debian resource.
Same goes for the fact that the images are currently available from 
people.d.o; it would probably be better if that was moved to an 
independent website.

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