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quik-installer: reason it fails

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I finally looked at quik-installer (if I'd realized I didn't need the
d-i framework to be able to do what I wanted with it, I could have sent
this message a couple of months ago <sigh>) and it looks like there are
only two major changes from stable (which works) and neither of them
are the likely cause of failure.

Instead, I suspect (and will test tonight) that the problem is the
difference in the miboot kernel's .config so that /proc/device-tree
(that, or the kernel structure behind it), which is what is used by
ofpath from yaboot in order to determine the boot device, does not
exist in the miboot kernels.  The larger install image kernels
have /proc/device-tree, but not the full set of information it can
provide (the @xxx for the various devices, for
example, /bandit/ohare/mesh/sd instead
of /bandit/ohare@200000/mesh@f000/sd@0), which is why they fail as well
(or rather did, when BootX booting was still possible).

Once the PRAM in my install test machine is reset I'll do an install up
to (and including) the bootloader step, and then try the procedure
manually to see if the failure point is where I think it is (using
ofpath from yaboot).



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