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Bug#379067: couple of minor glitches in install of powerpc

On Friday 21 July 2006 22:09, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Putting the install CDrom into sources.list makes sense when you are
> installing from a full CD (or DVD) set, because there's a large
> amount of significant information on them, *and* the main reason why
> you might want to install that way is because of limited (or *no*)
> network access.  I agree with that.

The current rule is that the CD is added to the sources list when the CD 
is used for the installation of the base system. I agree that adding the 
CD is less usefull when installing from a netinst.
However, we currently cannot distinguish between a netinst CD and a full 
CD in the installation. We hope to add that before Etch, and maybe we 
will change this aspect then too.

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