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Bug#378790: Latest Etch installer fails to load device mapper

retitle 378790 
severity 378790 Please add dmraid support

On Tuesday 18 July 2006 23:13, Chris Carr wrote:
> Unfortunately sda and sdb are striped into a "medley" ataraid array -
> the medley.o driver was required in 2.4 kernels, but now the device
> mapper is used instead. The CD contains the device mapper udeb (and
> libdevmapper and dmraid), but these are not available during the
> install, either in normal or expert mode. So I can't see my medley
> array and cannot continue the install.

Correct. Nobody has yet taken the trouble to implement dmraid support in 
the installer yet although the subject has been discussed several times 
in the past (see the mailing list archives for the debian-boot list).

As the regular developers working on the installer don't have a system 
using dmraid available, we depend on someone outside the team to develop 
the necessary patches. So far this has not happened.

Maybe _you_ can convert some of your terminal arrogance into a working 


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