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Bug#378790: Latest Etch installer fails to load device mapper

Package: debian-installer
Version: Etch daily build 17 July 2006

I am the person who had trouble with the 2.4.27 kernel in bugs 258500 (now
closed) and 286939. This is a new (but related) bug - I'm reinstalling to
the same machine after a big repartioning exercise. 

The latest installer boots 2.6.16 from the CD and gets all the way to
partitioning before telling me that it can only see /dev/sda and /dev/sdb
(which is sees instantly by loading sata_sil, before I have any choices to

Unfortunately sda and sdb are striped into a "medley" ataraid array - the
medley.o driver was required in 2.4 kernels, but now the device mapper is
used instead. The CD contains the device mapper udeb (and libdevmapper and
dmraid), but these are not available during the install, either in normal or
expert mode. So I can't see my medley array and cannot continue the install.

By contrast, please compare with the latest Knoppix, 5.0.1 - almost the same
kernel (2.6.17), and presumably similar device mapper packages. When booting
from Knoppix the device mapper is loaded automatically:

device-mapper: 4.6.0-ioctl (2006-02-17) initialized: dm-devel@redhat.com

appears in dmesg. The medley array is then visible as
/dev/mapper/sil_aebgdidebbaj and so are its partitions (...bbaj1, ...bbaj2
etc.). Knoppix even sets up fstab with all the partitions in it, with their
types detected and mount points prepared! 

So, please could someone make sure that the installer loads the device
mapper? (I'm sorry if this bug is for the wrong package - I don't know
whether the kernel is at fault here, for not having the device mapper stuff
in it, or whether the installer is lacking the 'activation' of the mapped

Thank you,


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