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Bug#378651: crypto installation report

On Tuesday 18 July 2006 15:29, Max Vozeler wrote:
> Thanks for pointing this out. I've already commited the change,
> but I will look into changing it to register-module. Does
> register-module also work from scripts in finish-install.d? If
> not we'd need to change the script in partman-crypto do register
> the modules earlier, in partman/finish.d/ or so.

finish-install is too late as the modules are actually written from the 
post-base-installer hook.
Moving it into partman should be OK: you can safely register the same 
module multiple times.

(Note: your commit in r39142 is not really clean as it will create 
duplicate entries for modules in /etc/modules if the scripts is run more 
than once. As the user can "Go Back" from the final message before reboot 
and then select "finish installation" again, this is not completely 

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