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Bug#378651: crypto installation report

On Tuesday 18 July 2006 02:51, Max Vozeler wrote:
> 1. The kernel module that provides the serpent cipher for
> loop-AES was not automatically loaded during boot (loop_serpent).
> As a result, the system booted up without interruption but also
> without encrypted /tmp. Something in partman-crypto needs to add
> the required modules to /target/etc/modules; This applies to
> modules loop_twofish and loop_serpent. I'm currently testing a
> change that adds the required modules.

We have a mechanism for that. See the 'register-module' script in 

If the module needs to be available when the initrd is created, use:
   register-module -i <module>
If it just needs to be in /etc/modules at boot time, use:
   register-module <module>

It is also possible to set parameters for modules, but you probably don't 
need that.

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