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Bug#378651: crypto installation report

On Tue, Jul 18, 2006 at 02:51:25AM +0200, Max Vozeler wrote:
> 3. Documentation: I can confirm that the checkfs-loop script (which
> does the passphrase prompting for loop-AES partitions during
> boot) now shows a full prompt including the mountpoint, format:
> "Setting up $loop ($mnt)". This is good on the one hand in that
> it works as intended, but means that section 7.2.1. loop-AES of
> the d-i manual is mostly obsolete.

Yes, it is obsolete for loop-AES finally, but we can still reuse it
for md-crypt section, which has the same problem (except for root
partition). I have a patch ready, but the freeze of d-i manual got in
my way, so I'm waiting post beta3.

> Can we still drop parts of the manual at this point, without
> disrupting the beta3 release? Else I'll try to figure out the correct
> package to file a bug+patch against so that we can drop this section
> post beta3. 

See above.

Miroslav Kure

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