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Sarge 3.1r1 i386 - Problem with installation

Dear All,

	I am having trouble installing Debian on a new system with an
Intel D945GNT motherboard, two Intel processors (3.2 GHz) and 2 SATA
disc drives.  I'm using the first CD from a 14-pack I bought from a
distributor here in Australia.  The problem is this: the CD boots
fine.  The network configuration can be set up, but the installation
program can see neither the on-board ethernet port, nor the PCI
ethernet card.  It then moves on to disc partioning, but gives up when
it can find no discs to partition.  The same behaviour occurs with
both kernels offered - 2.4 and 2.6.

	I originally set the system up with FreeBSD 6.1 on it, but I
was thinking of moving to Debian instead (a variety of reasons here),
so I know that there is no catastrophic hardware failure preventing
any installation at all.

	Someone on debian-user suggested that I download another
kernel, but I am unsure what to do when I get one.  Most downloads of
Debian ISO discs are around the 200MB mark, but the disc I have been
trying to use has the full bottle (680MB).  What would be missing, and
would I need to use some stuff from the original (unworking) CD?

	Thanks for any help, and please direct me to the correct list
if this one is inappropriate.

Thank you,

Rob Hurle
	Rob Hurle		Faculty of Asian Studies, ANU
	Home address and contacts:	 Tel: +61 2 6247 2397
	  PO Box 4013			 Fax: +61 2 6247 2397
	  Ainslie		     Cell phone: 0417 293 603
	  Australia		e-mail: rob@coombs.anu.edu.au

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