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please (!!) drop people from CC:s, thanks! (Re: OldWorld Mac-specific problems; perhaps drop?)


On Friday 14 July 2006 01:25, $someone wrote:
> Please keep me in the loop.

me too, that's why I'm subscribed to the list :) 

Pleeease people, drop me (or anybody else) from cc:s when you write mails to 
the list, I am subscribed, I don't need and don't want to be cc:ed (unless 
it's reeeally important or urgent). And for good reason it's also against the 
debian mailing lists policies.

It is a real good idea to check a mail before you send it. To me, that not 
only means checking the body but also the headers. 

Also, if only $you do drop cc:s (and others still fail), you really help, 
because after $you thankfully cleaned the cc: those careless posters have a 
empty cc: field. 

If you don't stop it, I will just sort all mails with to: or cc: of this list 
to the list folder and you will loose the ability to cc: me if it's urgent or 
important. I think this would be a pity, but I need to preserve my attention 

Thanks & sorry for the noise,
	Holger (sigh)

P.S.: don't tell me about reply-to: and mail-followup-to:, in the real world 
with the variety of mali clients it just doesnt work.

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