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Re: D-I lintian warnings

Frans questioned me in private about the following that happens often
when building D-I packages. Here is what I answered...plus more
details I thought about later:

> When I upload packages I regularly see warnings like these:
> W: netcfg-static udeb: partially-translated-question netcfg/wireless_adhoc_managed ga.utf-8
> W: netcfg-static udeb: partially-translated-question netcfg/wireless_adhoc_managed se.utf-8

I actually don't really see why is lintian warning here. It supposedly
means that only some choices in a Select template are translated for
these languages while, for both languages all choices are translated.

This is probably a lintian bug. Why it does only happen for some
languages is unknown for me.

> W: netcfg-static udeb: malformed-question-in-templates netcfg/disable_dhcp

This is a warning about writing style. Recently added feature to
lintian. Unfortunately it does not ignore untranslatable
templates. This is #368206.

Lintian has been recently fixed in 1.3.22 for that by ignoring writing
style when the short description contains "for internal use".

As a consequence, we should change all untranslatable templates to use
this in their short description. The long description can be anything
and should then contain what we formerly had in the short description.

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