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Re: lowmem level2 and udeb choices

Frans Pop wrote:
> An option would be to have a file with a list of udebs that should be 
> selected by default and have anna read that. This list could easily be 
> made architecture dependent.
> For i386 (and probably most other arches) I would put partman-ext3 and 
> maybe some driver module udebs in such a list.

I think that partman-ext3 could be merged into partman-basicfilesystems,
which it almost entirely duplicates in templates and code. This would
probably save 200k for normal installs, as well as making ext3 available
in lowmem level 2.

Breaking ext2 support out into a partman-ext2 would also be possible; it
could probably be a quite small udeb that relies on
partman-basicfilesystems for templates and code and only pulls in the
ext2-modules and provides the flag files to make ext2 a listed

see shy jo

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