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Re: lowmem level2 and udeb choices

On Friday 14 July 2006 04:59, Sylvain Ferriol wrote:
> > Is there a way to specify for a sub-arch which udebs are required
> > even in lowmem level2?
> may be we can set by default in the list all packages selected in a
> normal mode

That does not sound like a very good idea. If the user accepts those, he 
will likely end up with a system that will not install anyway.
(Hmm. Maybe he will as we will have gotten rid of all translations...)

An option would be to have a file with a list of udebs that should be 
selected by default and have anna read that. This list could easily be 
made architecture dependent.
For i386 (and probably most other arches) I would put partman-ext3 and 
maybe some driver module udebs in such a list.

> but we have to modify the following anna template for lowmem:
> "To save memory, only components that are certainly needed for an
> install are selected by default"

The problem is that they are not "certainly needed". Those are selected 
already! What tbm is talking about are udebs that are only certainly 
needed on some (sub)architectures.

Alternative idea:
The main cause of memory overruns currently seems to be caused by memory 
used by translations. Could we easily introduce a new lowmem level that 
runs as normal, but only in English?

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