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Re: Custom netinst Problem - "some modules are in more than one package"

Frans Pop wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 July 2006 01:30, Matt Olson wrote:
> > This intended result is a sarge netinst disk with a current kernel. 
> > Using:
> >
> > linux-kernel-di  2.6_1.02 and
> > kernel-wedge    1.25.1
> > stock Linux 2.6.17 source
> >
> > Should I be using di and wedge packages from unstable?
> To get rid of the error you mention, using kernel-wedge from unstable may 
> solve it. It may also be that you need to tune kernel-wedge: this 
> typically has to be done for every new kernel minor version and has not 
> yet been done for 2.6.17 (the _Debian_ version).

Especially sinze the kernel-wedge in testing/unstable has the new
feature documented here:

  If any additional modules are needed to meet dependencies of modules in
  the udebs, they will automatically be added. Since that might result in
  modules being copied to multiple udebs, the "kernel-wedge find-dups"
  command is used to scan for duplicates of modules. When you have
  duplicates, you need to find (or make) a package that both packages
  depend on, and move the duplicate modules to it. Alternatively, as a
  quick hack you can just touch a file named ignore-dups in the root of
  your package and duplicate modules will stop being a fatal error.

see shy jo

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