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Re: Custom netinst Problem - "some modules are in more than one package"

On Wednesday 12 July 2006 01:30, Matt Olson wrote:
> This intended result is a sarge netinst disk with a current kernel. 
> Using:
> linux-kernel-di  2.6_1.02 and
> kernel-wedge    1.25.1
> stock Linux 2.6.17 source
> Should I be using di and wedge packages from unstable?

To get rid of the error you mention, using kernel-wedge from unstable may 
solve it. It may also be that you need to tune kernel-wedge: this 
typically has to be done for every new kernel minor version and has not 
yet been done for 2.6.17 (the _Debian_ version).

Note though that if you are trying to use 2.6.17 in a Sarge d-i 
environment, know that you are in for a lot more and harder challenges 
than this one...

You may be better of using the existing images that install Sarge with a 
more recent kernel, like Kenshi Muto's:


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