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Bug#364546: included (most of) the missing bits


I've included the remaining suggestions in the powerpc manual 
(en/hardware/supported/powerpc.xml) except for the last part about the Nubus 
machines as I feel that information is not completly correct. It lists the 
powermac 4400 as a nubus machine, which is wrong, which I know very well, 
because I own such a machine. 

Also I restructured the document a bit, that is, I put the list of unsupported 
machines in the end, cause it doesn't make sense to list them first :)

While working on it, I noticed quite a few of the newer machines are not 
listed at all, but I think we should commit this patch as it is and fix that 

Also, I've added the information that the power3+4 kernel flavours have been 
replaced by the power64 flavour and that apus is disabled atm.


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