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Re: HACKALERT - partman-crypto-placeholder

David Härdeman <david@2gen.com> writes:

>> Instead of installing partman-crypto itself and all its
>> dependencies, only install a "placeholder" udeb that contains just
>> enough functionality to be able to show the basic options to the
>> user (if the system has sufficient memory) and that pulls in the
>> "real" partman-crypto (with its total of 2.5 MB of dependencies)
>> only if the user actually selects it.
> Cool idea, but perhaps partman-crypto could be modified to do the
> same, and the dependencies from partman-crypto on partman-crypto-loop
> and partman-crypto-dm could be dropped (and anna-install used during
> runtime instead)?

Using this approuch you will reduce the code duplication with same
side effect. Looks better in my POV.

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