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Re: d-i memory requirements

On Wednesday 28 June 2006 23:06, David Härdeman wrote:
> 52 MB - Died while loading additional udebs
> 56 MB - Died while loading additional udebs
> 60 MB - Died while wiping a partition
> 64 MB - Seemed to work
> 68 MB - Seemed to work
> This seems to be a bit higher memory than d-i used to require and I
> think the inclusion of partman-crypto is at least partially to blame
> for it. Looking at the "Installed size" field from packages.debian.org,
> it reports the following sizes (i386):

Following up on Davids analysis I have done a full comparison between the 
Sarge r2 release, Etch Beta2 release and daily images.

Main reason for the comparison was that the current "lowmem level 1" is 45 
MB and David's tests show that is not nearly enough anymore. So, we 
either need to reduce memory usage or update the lowmem limits.

The comparisons have been made using i386 netinst images with the 
installation in the menu just before starting partman. All installs had 
open-ssh-client loaded and in beta2 I have skipped choose-mirror as that 
is not part of the other installs.

I have compared:
- installed size of udebs as listed in the Packages files [1,2]
- output of free
- total size of included translations
- loaded modules

The results are available at:
(or: http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i/size-compare.sxc)

Explanation for the first sheet:
- in the html version some layout is lost unfortunately
- the top row includes the total installed size of all installed udebs
- udebs are grouped in different sections:
  - kernel and modules
  - changes due to normal development
  - integration of language-countrychooser into localechooser
  - switch to udev
  - new udebs due to integration of 2nd stage installation into d-i
  - new udebs due to partman-crypto
- the last column lists the difference between Sarge r2 and daily images
- at the bottom some numbers from 'free' and the size of templates.dat
  are listed

I've drawn some conclusions for myself based on this data, but am curious 
what others think.

If there is additional data that would be useful, please let me know. I've 
still got the VMware snapshots.


[1] Note that the actual size taken by udebs in memory can differ, but it 
is probably still a fairly good indication.
[2] For Beta2 I've taken the sizes from the current Packages file for 
testing. For some udebs the size may be different than it was when Beta2 
was released, but I'd be surprised if that was significant.

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