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Re: HACKALERT - partman-crypto-placeholder (was: d-i memory requirements)

Frans Pop wrote:
> Hmm, yes. Should work too and is simpler (especially less risk of
> mistakes in the future as no code duplication is needed).
> It still does mean that the default priority of the packages needs to be
> changed with only partman-crypto at "standard" priority.
> Of course:
> partman-crypto-placeholder_8_all.udeb: Installed-Size: 176
> partman-crypto_8_i386.udeb:            Installed-Size: 604
> But 604k is still a whole lot better than 2.5M.

Well you can always split the bits of partman-crypto that arn't needed
until the user selects to use crypto out into a different udeb that it
could install. Including some debconf templates..

see shy jo

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