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Re: HACKALERT - partman-crypto-placeholder (was: d-i memory requirements)

On Saturday 01 July 2006 23:27, David Härdeman wrote:
> Cool idea, but perhaps partman-crypto could be modified to do the same,
> and the dependencies from partman-crypto on partman-crypto-loop and
> partman-crypto-dm could be dropped (and anna-install used during
> runtime instead)?

Hmm, yes. Should work too and is simpler (especially less risk of
mistakes in the future as no code duplication is needed).
It still does mean that the default priority of the packages needs to be
changed with only partman-crypto at "standard" priority.

Of course:
partman-crypto-placeholder_8_all.udeb: Installed-Size: 176
partman-crypto_8_i386.udeb:            Installed-Size: 604

But 604k is still a whole lot better than 2.5M.

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