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Bug#375499: rootskel: Add support for IBM POWER serial console.

On Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 06:49:50PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> tags 375499 + pending
> thanks
> On Monday 26 June 2006 14:54, Sven Luther wrote:
> > Please find attached a patch, which adds support for detecting the
> > /dev/hvc* virtual serial consoles on recent IBM POWER machines.
> I've applied the patch although I was tempted to deny it as AFAICT it is 
> only half of the solution. Especially after we discussed on IRC that 
> changes would probably also be needed in finish-install and possibly in 
> kbd-chooser, I was surprised to see only a patch for rootskel.

Those changes are underway, and needs testing as you said.

> This also leads me to the conclusion that the patch has probably not been 
> tested (especially as there's no mention of that in the BR), but well...

I have patched yaboot-installer, rootskel and finish-installer, but when i
tried building a netboot64 ramdisk with them included, the build system
mysteriously tried to pull in the 2.4.27 apus kernels and md-* stuff, which i
believe is kind of buggy, especially as it made the build fail because of a
boot/vmlinuz stuff lying around.

I have looked a bit over where this comes from, but i was not able to find
back the stuff that listed the dependency tree that used to be there, and then
it was late at night.

Any hint on how to discover where those apus kernels come from ? 

Also, i believe we should kick the 2.4.27 apus udebs from the archive, there
is no more kernel package matching them i believe, at least i asked the
ftp-masters for their removal months ago.

That said, the patch is trivial, and i have tested it on my pegasos, so it
seems harmless, even though i am not entirely sure what is going to be
achieved with it.

Your attitude toward me on irc is not helping though, can you please try next
time to not immediately jump on me without warning ? 


Sven Luther

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