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Re: Debian Installer - Etch Beta 3 release

> >> So you want a binary nmu? if yes, you should send a mail to
> >> debian-release@lists.debian.org asking for it and it should be done by
> >> the buildd network without much hassle.
> >>
> > I have filed #375158 now, severity grave, to get RM's attention.
> You shouldn't report a bug just to ask for a bin-nmu. For it, send a
> mail to debian-release mailing list is enough.
> RM Team: Could you please queue a binary upload of yaboot? It should
> resolve the bug cited above.

thanks for your help with this issue. D-I daily build of 2006/06/26 is
fine now on the CHRPs 7044-270 and 9131-52a. Only 7043-150 is still causing
trouble - Openfirmware sometimes really depends on the phase of the

 - Christian

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