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Bug#375208: ppc oldworld miboot-floppies daily-build status


On Saturday 24 June 2006 15:02, Holger Levsen wrote:
> So my todo-list is:
> 1. close #345467 (root.img doesnt work)

done. Also closed #296782

> 2. clone this bug to have one as a reminder to have beta3 miboot images
> somewhere - should I also reassign/usertag it?

I will retitle this on instead :) I'm not sure if "important" is an 
appropriate severity for this... reassigned to debian-installer also.

About the actual problem, that we need miboot for floppy booting atm: #323182 
- is the miboot bug with the most info in it. #315393 #315308 and #252426 
(the only one of the four with severity important) can also be closed when 
this is fixed.
(There are two proposed solutions for it: implement a free miboot alternative 
(in progress) or extend quik-funcionality (already implemented, but still 
buggy, doesnt work yet.)

> 3. clone this bug and rename to "net-drivers.img to big to fit on a floppy"


> 4. send mail to #295996 indicating that cd-drivers.img is know also
> affected 

Actually the bugs already stated that, so I just retitled that bug, as the 
other issues in this bugs are either solved or reported elsewhere.

> 5. clone this bug, reassign to ??? and rename to "partioning 
> defaults to floppy drive when booting from floppy"

I guess its partman-auto ?! (Not yet cloned.)

> 6. clone this bug, reassign to quik-installer and rename to "/boot on a
> seperate partition is ok", try to fix it

#321820 describes this behaviour as well (I cannot reproduce the first big 
problem the submitter mentioned, so I expect it to be a temporary problem and 
ignore it), so I retitle this bug and reassigned it to quik-installer.

> 7. add powerpc usertag for user debian-boot@lists.debian.org to this bug
> and the cloned ones.


> 8. "monitor" #267992, #279118 (both lvm related) and #264815, #266123 (quik
> ext3 related), and #274115, #369304 (quik OF related)

re: the first two bugs: If LVM works on ppc, they can be closed.
The rest still needs more monitoring So I usertagged them as well...

> 9. Even when this is fixed, the machine will not boot, cause some OF 
> variables need to be set, see #274115. 

#369304 proposes to fix this via storing the OF settings in quik.conf


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