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Re: Can someone please speak with Frans, and ask him to stop humiliating me ?

On Mon, Jun 26, 2006 at 03:34:37PM +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi Sven,
> On Monday 26 June 2006 15:09, Sven Luther wrote:
> > This is not going to work, i have played nice, as Christian noted on
> > saturday during the meeting, but over this past week, i got at least 4
> > different humiliation attempts from Frans, which are not waranted. I don't
> > want to make a mess about this again, but this is not going to work under
> > these conditions.
> Sven, can you please tell what those four humiliation attempts were. I doubt 
> there were ment as those.

Frans lording over me, and saying stuff like : no, you are not allowed to work
on that until you have my approval.

The last iteration was when on debian-kernel i was trying a very very trivial
patch for rootskel to recognize /dev/hvc* as serial consoles, and Bastian
asked me to add the /dev/ttyS* thingy too, and i mentioned to Bastian that he
could as well add it too, since he had svn access and i not, then immediately
Frans piped in angrily saying : That would not be appreciated.

I also clearly dislike how Frans is treating me, everyone is claiming that i
have the right technical knowledge, but i need to get comments like the above
from frans all around.

This whole mess was a social problem, and the only info i got out of it is
that Frans felt i didn't respect him enough, but he sure as hell is not making
any effort to be respectable.

> Also, think about Eleanor Roosevelt's great statement: "No One Can Make You 
> Feel Inferior Without Your Consent". 

Maybe, but it is a pain ...

> Regarding bubulle's statement at the end of the meeting, I thought that 
> statement was too early. I also found it nice, that you were at the meeting 
> and that the meeting was productive, but I wouldn't have made that statement 
> so fast. Because, after all this what happened, it's impossible to say if 
> working together works well after just a few days (or one IRC meeting for 
> that matter). Sure, it was a first step. But the first step is always easier.

The problem is that i am the only one making first steps, and as long as Frans
fails to recognize his own responsability in what has happened, it will never
work long term. But then when i say that, i am considered a whiner.

> > Frans, if you want respect from your team members, humiliating them at each
> > minor occasion is not going to do it, sorry, 
> Sven, if you want respect from the team, don't take every single word as 
> personal attack against you. 

Well, its the fourth time, and i see no prove that it will ever change.


Sven Luther

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