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Can someone please speak with Frans, and ask him to stop humiliating me ?

Hi, ...

This is not going to work, i have played nice, as Christian noted on saturday
during the meeting, but over this past week, i got at least 4 different
humiliation attempts from Frans, which are not waranted. I don't want to make
a mess about this again, but this is not going to work under these conditions.

Frans, if you want respect from your team members, humiliating them at each
minor occasion is not going to do it, sorry, and respect has to be earned, not
beated in like you are trying to do.

Anthony, you said last week that you would try to mediate this issue again,
and solve it in such a way satisfactory to all, but Frans is putting evident
bad faith in this, and i don't see why i should take this longer. I did
nothing technically wrong, that he needs to review all my changes, even those
he has no clue about, and on the social side, he is clearly as much to blame
than me.

So, i will not make a long issue about this, i think i raised the issue enough
last time, but i am trying to do productive work, and Frans is deliberately
trying to stop me on this, and everyone should know about this.


Sven Luther

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