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Re: Bug#375392: Fallo en la instalación

> >>Package: installation-reports
> >>Debian-installer-version: Descargado del sitio oficial de Debian el 
> >>19-06-2.006
> >>Intento de instalación: 25-06-2.006
> >>Machine: Clónico con Atlhon 64 bits 3700+
> >>Ram 1024
> >>Root Device: IDE
> >>Installation in hard disk exclusive of LINUX.
> >>Initial boot worked: E
> >>    
> >
> >
> >What is the exact URL of the ISO image you used?
> >  
> >http://ftp.gva.es/mirror/debian-cd/current/ia64/iso-cd/debian-31r2-ia64-binary-1.iso

You're trying to use an image aimed for "IA64" architecture, which is
*different* from amd64. IA64==Intel Itanium, in short.

I suggest you use an image for i386 as there are no official images of
Debian sarge for the amd64 architecture. The next version of Debian
will have a specific port ot AMD64.

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