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Bug#375402: g-i: weird touchpad behavior

Package: cdebconf-gtk-udeb
Version: 0.103

I've tried g-i on my laptop which has an Alps touchpad. The frontend does 
respond to the touchpad, but not correctly.

When you first touch the touchpad, the cursor "jumps" to a position that 
is roughly equivalent to where you on the touchpad you touch it. The 
cursor does move if you drag your finger.
The normal behavior would be that the cursor would stay in its old 
location and moves only when your finger starts moving over the touchpad.

It seems that any position you touch the touchpad is interpreted as an 
absolute position, instead of a relative position.

Note: reverting the recent change in rootskel-gtk to  disable the module 
"linux_input" in directfb does not change anything.

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