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Re: [MEETINGS] Log from the Debian Installer team meeting of June 24th 2006

On Sunday 25 June 2006 19:24, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Apologies for this, Josselin. I of course welcome any log of the
> meeting with Josselin (Np239) contributions, to actually amend the
> mmeting log.

Here's the relevant part of my log (only 3 actual lines from Joss though).

18:20 < fjp> Oskar should do an extensive report on status to d-boot.
18:20 < zinosat> bubulle_, I'm about to file a bug against freefont
18:20 -!- Np239 [~joss@sakura.malsain.org] has joined #debian-boot
18:20 < Np239> plop
18:20 < bubulle_> zinosat: bleh..:)
18:20 < bubulle_> OK, let's move
18:20 < fjp> zinosat: Let's discuss that first...
18:20 < fjp> bubulle_: Wait.
18:20 < bubulle_> ok
18:21 < fjp> Anything for Np239 ?
18:21 < svenl> fjp: i am just telling this here so people are aware, and know that if he doe
sn't follow on this now, that someone other interested wants to jump in
18:21 < Np239> for the record, I still intend to merge the GTK+DFB patch this weekend and up
load it to experimental
18:21 < zinosat> Np239, it'd be great if gtk+-directfb would be available
18:21 < bubulle_> fjp: I tried to ping Np239 but he seems away right now
18:22 < fjp> Cool. dajobe: could you upload yor next version there as well?
18:22 < dajobe> Np239: pls wait till I make the cairo 1.1.10 exp debs since some needed fixe
s are in there
18:22 < zinosat> Np239, if you come up with something experimental let us now (d-boot) and I
'll test it
18:22 < dajobe> fjp: yes, within the hour I hope
18:22 < Np239> dajobe, when will it be available?
18:22 < h01ger> svenl, a summary in mail from oskar would be good/better...
18:22 < fjp> I'll bug ftp-masters about getting packages files for udebs there.
18:22 < zinosat> dajobe, as far as compilation is concerned 1.1.6 would be enough
18:22 < bubulle_> more stuff or can we move on now (/me looks watch)?
18:23 < fjp> Move on I think.
18:23 < fjp> dajobe, Np239: thanks for your work

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