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Re: Bug#369304: Quik uses OF input-device/output-device as console; on oldword this results in no visible outpu


On Friday 23 June 2006 18:01, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 11:42:59AM +0200, p2@mind.be wrote:
> > I know. I think the best solution is to have the installer modify the
> > input-device and output-device variables to point to keyboard/screen.
> I was thinking of doing this; I wanted to see if there was an easier way
> first.  I'll be hacking on quik-installer next week to see about doing
> this. 

Another option would be, quik reads those values from /etc/quik.conf and sets 
them, while quik-installer writes quik.conf.

Obviously this requires a version of quik first, that supports this.

> AIUI quik needs boot-device to be eg. /bandit/ohare/mesh/sd@x:0 to 
> boot the master boot record anyway (maybe this is model dependant as
> well?).  At least my mac-clone doesn't boot the mbr unless I specify the
> boot-device.

AIUI its OF which needs those settings.

Anyway, also we need to keep in mind that not only that different models 
require different settings, but also they might have scsi or ide discs.

> That's a good idea.  I also need a big scary warning with option to abort
> before modifying boot-device.  I'm thinking that at the most detailed
> debconf priority there could be input fields for the user to specify
> input-device, output-device, and boot-device themselves (with defaults to
> what normally would happen).
> What do you think?

Basically I agree. 

I would like to have sensible/possible choices in the input fields instead of 
free text fields :) 

Also we (d-i team) need to keep in mind, that some users dont want to use quik 
and modify OF values, as they already have a working BootX setup. But this 
surely doesn't belong into this bugreport :)


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