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Re: Re: stagger forced fsck on reboot

Wouter wrote:
> > The problem then is when the partitions hit the forced-fsck mark, with
> > the default settings they all have to go through their fsck at the same
> > time. It takes time, and when all you had intended to do was to resume
> > out of suspend to quickly check some data, but came up against one of
> > these laptop crashes, it can be quite annoying.
> If that's what you're trying to do, then staggering the forced fsck timings
> isn't going to help you at all.
> fsck on boot can occur in two occasions: either it needs to be done
> because you hit the max mount count or max unchecked timeout, or it
> needs to be done because you previously umounted uncleanly and it can't
> be fixed by replaying the ext3 journal (either because it got corrupted,
> or because you're running ext2 and there is no journal).

You're taking it too disastrously.  The problem I'm trying to solve is
when the max mount count is reached, this is the case in which the
forced fscks becomes annoying.  Whether the forced fsck is done this
time around or only on the next reboot instead is not going to make
that much difference to the file system integrity. 


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