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Bug#375002: Check for existing physical volumes fails

Package: partman-auto-lvm
Version: 11
Severity: important

Since the change away from using lvmcfg, partman auto lvm fails to detect 
that a disk already holds a physical volume, leading to partitioning 
failing at a later point.

Failing command is in automatically_partition/some_device_lvm/do_option:
# Check if the device already contains any physical volumes
realdev=$(mapdevfs "$(cat $dev/device)")
if pv_get_info "$realdev"; then
        bail_out pv_on_device

pv_get_info returns with an error where it should return OK.

Executing the command resulting from this call manually results in:
# pvs --noheadings --nosuffix --separator : --units M \
      - o pv_size,pv_pe_count,pv_free,pv_pe_alloc_count,vg_name \
Failed to read physical volume "/dev/sda"

This check worked with the old version of pv_get_info!

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