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RE: new screenshots available

For Korean it looks just about perfect:-)

2006/6/22, Davide Viti <zinosat@tiscali.it>:
Dejavu 2.7 has made it into unstable and things are happening on the
font side. I just created a new set of screenshots in [1]; everything
is pretty much the best we can do atm, apart from Arabic / Farsi (see
It would be interesting to have some feedback from native speakers; I'd be
particularly interested to know how is Vietnamese displayed using Dejavu
(we don't use freefont anylonger to display it) and how non-latin languages
look like.
I noticed that using experimental g-i images based on latest
libraries, everything looks more consistent, that's why I don't think
it's the right time to spend time on fixing fonts file: I think I'll give
a go at font hacking once new libraries will be available.



Sunjae Park(daréhanl)

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